I have known Dr.Gorecki as a client, pupil, friend and practitioner for a good many years. I wholeheartedly and very enthusiastically recommend Dr. Gorecki for any chiropractic need. I have referred clients that have received little to no long term benefit from other health care providers in the area. In fact, I generally send the “hopeless” cases his way because I know that they will get better and Dr.Gorecki loves the challenge. I always receive glowing testimonials about Dr. Gorecki and how much better my clients are feeling. His manner is extremely professional. He has an encyclopedic grasp of the technical nature of his work and has an excellent, gentle, and professional manner about him. In addition, Dr. Gorecki includes kinesiology, hands-on energy work, channeled guidance, medical intuition, and high-quality supplements to support one’s healing. An absolute perfect blend of traditional chiropractic and Alternative health care. With Dr. Gorecki, one may receive traditional chiropractic, energy work, or a combination of both. Really, what more could anyone possibly ask for?
— Doug McGill | Intuitive Energy Healer

We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Eddie. I often send him patients with complex situations and with his medical intuition, he can quickly define the primary source of the issues. This is an incredible relief for patients and for me, as a practitioner. Because of this gift, patients don’t have to spend more time suffering but can return to living a full life more quickly. For example, I had a patient with long-term digestive problems that had shut down his ability to eat a normal range of foods, and often caused him to decline social invitations because he was ill. Dr. Eddie saw him once and determined the root of the problem—wheat. This patient didn’t have to spend months and months determining which factor of his life (it could have been food, something in his environment, etc.) experimenting to find out what the problem was. Ten days later the patient’s digestion was almost normal, clarity of mind had returned, and he’s smiling again. It’s a good feeling to watch someone be able to reclaim their life. Dr. Eddie helps his patients, and mine, do that.
— Deborah Turek | Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

I have come to call Dr. Eddie Gorecki my primary care healer because he is far more than the traditional primary care health care provider. Dr. Gorecki is very gifted. He has dedicated his life to understanding the human body, so when he treats you, he is treating your entire body, not the symptom. He has taught me that just because I may feel something in one part of my body, the underlying problem may actually be coming from another part and let’s treat the complete problem so your body can heal properly. His focus on solutions, that includes an adjustment and intelligent information that I can use in my daily life has helped me to heal without returning with the same problems again and again.

Dr. Gorecki’s commitment to health also includes nutrition. This additional area of his care makes working with him comprehensive. As a patient, you move from healing a problem to health maintenance. I think Dr. Gorecki is a testament to the true meaning of health care. It is with great joy that I recommend Dr. Gorecki and I know in my heart that when you work with him you will be in the hands of a gifted and true health care healer.
— Victoria Medina | Photographic Artist

I met Dr. Gorecki as his patient in 2006 when he helped me correct a long-standing issue my neck. Since then he has become part of the network of healers who I see when I need help, and to whom I refer my clients in collaboration. He is a good example of someone whose thoughtfulness, skill and intuition are directly expressed in his work. In my career as a manual therapist/structural body-worker in NYC, I have known many excellent therapists, doctors, healers, and teachers. I count Dr. Gorecki among them.
— Jason DeFilippis | City Rolfing

As a medical professional, I was very skeptical that Dr. Gorecki would be able to help with my chronic back and spine issues. Within the first 2 sessions, however, I was feeling better and on my way to recovery. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a compassionate, holistic approach to healing.
— Amy Pandya | MD

Why go to a chiropractor who doesn’t do energy work these days? With Dr. Eddie, you get both - and that is a gift in today’s world. If you’re looking for someone whom you can trust with spiritual concerns, you’re lucky to come across Dr. Eddie. Dr. Eddie has been one of the greatest teachers of my life during my spiritual awakening - and his energetic gifts have healed me time and time again. He becomes more than an advisor - but a trusted member into your inner circle - immediately. Upon meeting him, you know you’re in good hands. Besides helping me with a very mild case of scoliosis and sports-related issues, Dr. Eddie has helped me through so many of my soul’s concerns. I wouldn’t be where I am without his gifts and always encouraging guidance. I sincerely recommend you meeting him for yourself and seeing what he can do for you. He changed my life - and I wouldn’t doubt that he could change yours too.
— Garrett Paknis | Artist, Creator, and Writer