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Versed in a range of traditional chiropractic techniques, Dr. Gorecki incorporates an holistic care approach which includes Medical Intuitive energy work, Applied Kinesiology, and Nutrition Response Testing to treat all aspects of a patient’s health. Practicing for more than 18 years, he is experienced in treating common conditions like disc bulges, pinched nerves, extremity issues, TMJ disorders and headaches, as well as more complex issues like allergies, sinusitis, and cardiovascular and digestive system issues.

Dr. Gorecki’s in-depth approach allows him to develop care plans specifically tailored to each individual’s need. Patients benefit from a treatment plan that is geared to treat their specific issues, and facilitates a healthier lifestyle. Read about Dr. Gorecki and his holistic health approach.

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What our clients have to say…

I have come to call Dr. Eddie Gorecki my primary care healer because he is far more than the traditional primary care health care provider. Dr. Gorecki is very gifted. He has dedicated his life to understanding the human body, so when he treats you, he is treating your entire body, not the symptom. He has taught me that just because I may feel something in one part of my body, the underlying problem may actually be coming from another part and let’s treat the complete problem so your body can heal properly.
— Victoria Medina | Photographer, Artist
We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Eddie. I often send him patients with complex situations and with his medical intuition, he can quickly define the primary source of the issues. This is an incredible relief for patients and for me, as a practitioner. Because of this gift, patients don’t have to spend more time suffering but can return to living a full life more quickly. For example, I had a patient with long-term digestive problems that had shut down his ability to eat a normal range of foods, and often caused him to decline social invitations because he was ill. Dr. Eddie saw him once and determined the root of the problem—wheat. This patient didn’t have to spend months and months determining which factor of his life (it could have been food, something in his environment, etc.) experimenting to find out what the problem was. Ten days later the patient’s digestion was almost normal, clarity of mind had returned, and he’s smiling again. It’s a good feeling to watch someone be able to reclaim their life. Dr. Eddie helps his patients, and mine, do that.

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At Energy Chiropractic, Dr. Edward Gorecki provides patients with a relaxed, positive environment for holistic healing. Conveniently located in the heart of Union Square.

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