At Energy Chiropractic in Manhattan, Dr. Edward Gorecki provides patients with a holistic approach to healing mind and body in a relaxed, positive environment. Dr. Gorecki treats the body's imbalances and interferences in a way that aligns the body’s structural and emotional centers while using non-invasive, non-surgical techniques.

Chiropractic | Chakra Balancing and Energy Work | Applied Kinesiology | Nutritional Care

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Versed in a range of traditional chiropractic techniques, Dr. Gorecki incorporates other holistic care approaches including Medical Intuitive energy work, Applied Kinesiology, and Nutrition Response Testing to treat all aspects of a patient’s health. Practicing for more than 14 years, he is experienced in treating common conditions like disc bulges, pinched nerves, and headaches, as well as more complex issues like allergies, sinusitis, and cardiovascular and digestive system issues. He is experienced in treating common conditions like disc bulges, pinched nerves, TMJ disorders, extremity issues, headaches, allergies, sinusitis, cardiovascular and digestive system issues.

Dr. Gorecki’s in-depth approach allows him to develop care plans specifically tailored to each individual’s need. Patients benefit from a treatment plan that is geared to treat their specific issues and help them achieve optimal health. Read about Dr. Gorecki and his holistic health approach.

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Dr. Gorecki tries to find a muscle that tests weak and then attempts to determine why that muscle is not functioning properly.


Throughout the developmental changes of childhood, infants and children often experience many different stressors, whether it’s chemical, physical or emotional.


During pregnancy, there are many changes that occur to the physical body, endocrine system and various other systems of the body in preparation for the developing baby.


What our clients have to say…

I have come to call Dr. Eddie Gorecki my primary care healer because he is far more than the traditional primary care health care provider. Dr. Gorecki is very gifted. He has dedicated his life to understanding the human body, so when he treats you, he is treating your entire body, not the symptom. He has taught me that just because I may feel something in one part of my body, the underlying problem may actually be coming from another part and let’s treat the complete problem so your body can heal properly.
— Victoria Medina, Photographic Artist
I met Dr. Gorecki as his patient in 2006 when he helped me correct a long-standing issue my neck. Since then he has become part of the network of healers who I see when I need help, and to whom I refer my clients in collaboration. He is a good example of someone whose thoughtfulness, skill and intuition are directly expressed in his work. In my career as a manual therapist/structural body-worker in NYC, I have known many excellent therapists, doctors, healers, and teachers. I count Dr. Gorecki among them.
— Jason DeFilippis, City Rolfing

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At Energy Chiropractic, Dr. Edward Gorecki provides patients with a relaxed, positive environment for holistic healing. Conveniently located in the heart of Union Square.

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